The Video Greeting Card App.
Say it with a Video!

What Is VidCard

VidCard is an app that lets you send greeting cards which open up to reveal personal video messages.

It’s Fun & Easy To Make Someone’s Day

Your Own Videos

Some of us find it hard to put our feelings in writing. Some of us are just too lazy to do it. Whatever your reason, it’s easy to make someone’s day with a beautiful greeting card and a personal video message, created just for them.

A Big Selection Of Cards

Your kid is refusing to write a thank-you card? There’s a card for that. You owe your friend an apology but you’re too nervous to say it face to face? There’s a card for that. Whatever the occasion or the reason, you will find a VidCard that perfectly suits you.

Simple And Quick

VidCard is so intuitive and easy to use. You will know exactly what to do the first time you use it. Just choose a card, customize it, shoot a quick video, and your personal message is on its way.


That’s right, making someone’s day with a VidCard won’t cost you a cent, rupee, or yen. And you know what they say, a smile (in a video) is worth a thousand words!

So go ahead, give it a try!

Here’s How VidCard Works

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